Corporate Massage Memberships

The importance of corporate wellness has grown significantly in recent years, as stress levels and work demands on staff continue to increase. Employers are now prioritising employee well-being not only to mitigate health-related costs but also to recognise the crucial role a healthy workforce plays in fostering a successful workplace.  Commitment and a strategic vision are essential for implementing effective corporate wellness initiatives, which should include long-term objectives and measurable goals.  Are you looking for an affordable employee benefit that'll make you an HR Hero?
We're looking for companies  based in Nigeria Metropolis  cities to participate in a dynamic Corporate Massage Membership program. Click below to learn more.

 Boost Productivity & Wellbeing: Affordable Employee Wellness Programs for Companies

Stressed employees can stifle your startup's growth. Studies show unhappy workers cost companies thousands in lost productivity. But what if you could reduce stress, improve morale, and increase ROI by 3x – all with an affordable benefit program?

Introducing our Corporate Wellness Solutions:

Introducing our Corporate Wellness Solutions:

Reduced Healthcare Costs: Happy, healthy employees lead to lower healthcare expenses for your startup.
Retain Top Talent: Offer a unique perk that keeps your team engaged and reduces turnover.
Boost Productivity by 300%: Studies show a clear link between employee wellness and increased output.

We Make it Easy:

Affordable Memberships: We offer discounted massage and spa programs tailored to your budget and team size.
Flexible Options: Choose 100% company-sponsored plans or cost-sharing options for a perfect fit.

Invest in Your Team, Invest in Your Success:

Reduced Stress: A well-rested team gets more done, faster.
Improved Morale: Happy employees collaborate better and drive innovation.
Increased Productivity: A thriving workforce means a thriving startup.
Stop Wasting Money, Start Growing Today!

Compare the rates



One time payment for massage & sauna / steam room



One time payment for massage & sauna/ steam room
  • T & C Applies



One time payment for Massage & sauna/steam room
  • T & C Applies

What is a Massage Membership?

An affordable way to get a 60-minute massage every month for one low fee.
The concept of a massage membership is very simple. For a low monthly fee, the client receives one 60-minute massage every month. Employees may purchase additional massage treatments in a month at the same low rate.
Studies show that consistent massage therapy treatments provide ongoing health benefits and help to prevent minor problems from developing into more serious (i.e. expensive) conditions. 

See the benefits.........

Benefits of Massage

Relieves muscle strains that eventually lead to Repetitive Strain Injuries
Boosts brainpower by increasing blood flow
Improves morale
Reduces fatigue and poor concentration
Helps prevent Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Reduces stress/tension headaches
Motivates employees to take a proactive approach to their health

Membership Highlights

Significant cost savings
Non-member rate: N20,000

Member rate: N 13,400 (Non-corporate clients)

Member rate: N11,600 (Corporate clients)

Unused massages roll over every month  or year
Share with family at no extra charge
Free gift card transfers for unused massage visits
Membership freeze option available

Learn More About Corporate Massage Memberships

  • What is a cost-sharing employee massage program? A cost-sharing massage program is a great option for companies that want a way to stretch their budget. When you subsidize your program, your company is able to share the cost with your employees. . 
  • What size companies can participate? We can work with companies with 10-200 local employees. 
  • How do payments for a cost-sharing program work? Setting up a cost-sharing option for your massage program is easy. All you have to do is let us know what portion of each membership the company will pay for, and how much the employees will pay.
  • Can we use payroll deduction? Payroll deduction is certainly something that we'd like to include with this new program.

3 Easy Steps to Get Started

Once you're ready to begin your Massage Wellness Program, we'll have you up and running in about 30 days.
1. Getting Started is Easy!
Once you've signed up for our program, simply announce this exciting new benefit to your team! We'll provide you with all the resources you need, including:
Free marketing materials: Flyers, posters, and email templates to get your employees excited about their new wellness perk.
Customizable resources: You can also tailor these materials with your company branding for a seamless integration.
No need to worry about additional paperwork or setup! We make it easy to offer this valuable benefit and start boosting your team's well-being.

2. Hassle-Free Billing & Administration:
Our system is designed for ease. Each month, simply provide us with a list of participating employees. We'll handle the rest!
Individualized Billing: Employees conveniently pay their portion directly on the 1st of the month.
Simplified Company Contribution: We'll send a single, consolidated invoice for your company's subsidized amount.
Flexible Payment Options: We accept company checks or corporate credit cards for your convenience.
Focus on what matters most – running your business. We'll take care of the administrative burden behind the scenes.

3. Witness the Transformation:
As your team experiences the benefits of regular massage, watch productivity soar, morale climb, and employee satisfaction strengthen. You'll be seen as a leader who prioritizes their well-being and overall success.
Once your program is going, we'll check in with you each month to see if there are any changes to your participating employees.

If you do lose an employee, just give us a quick call or email and we'll switch that employee from subsidized status to self-pay, so you won't pay for employees who are lo longer with your company.




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